The new failover logic is be based on geographic distance so that the east location will first fail over to the central and then the west location.

The following example procedure uses dsconfig interactive mode to edit the east location.

  1. Run dsconfig and enter the LDAP connection parameters when prompted.
  2. In the Directory Proxy Server console configuration menu, enter the number corresponding to Location.
  3. In the Location menu, enter the number corresponding to viewing and editing an existing location. Then, enter the number corresponding to the Location to be changed.
  4. Remove the west location from the preferred-failover-location property.

    You will add the west location later.

  5. Add a new value to the preferred-failover-location property.
  6. Select the values of the new failover locations for the east.
  7. Confirm the new configuration information and save the changes.
  8. Repeat steps 2-7 to reconfigure the failover logic for the west location to include the new central location.
  9. List the locations to confirm that the new location was added correctly.