These are new features for this release of the Delegated Administration application:
  • The Delegated Administration application is designed so that delegated administrative users don't need to understand the underlying technology supporting the account management features, such as LDAP. The Delegated Administration application allows for resource types to be configured to link to other entries within the system. You can now use these links to view and modify a referenced entry allowing for a simpler interface to manage the entire entry.
  • Delegated administrative users need the ability to assist users with account and password issues. This version of the Delegated Administration application improves account management by allowing administrators to view specific information about an account such as the last time the password was changed, the assigned password policy, and the history of recent login attempts. The configuration of the assigned password policy determines what information is available.

Upgrade considerations

Upgrade considerations are no longer part of the release notes. That information is now in Upgrade considerations.