To install Delegated Admin in a Windows environment.

  1. In the Delegated Admin application directory, copy or rename the file example.config.js to config.js.
    config.js contains comments and placeholders for necessary information. For example, the Client ID that is required in this file must be one of the Client IDs that has been defined for the PingFederate configuration. This value represents the client intended for token issuance, such as dadmin.
  2. Open config.js in a text editor.
  3. Change the variable values to match your setup configuration.
    config.js Variable Value


    Public address of the PingFederate Server to which the application redirects the user’s browser when logging on.


    PingFederate port number. If port 443 is used but not specified in the PingFederate Base URL, do not assign a value to window.PF_PORT.


    PingFederate Client ID for the application.

  4. Save your changes to config.js.
  5. Concatenate the following files into a single file named delegated-admin.dsconfig:
    • delegated-admin-template-common.dsconfig
    • delegated-admin-template-ds.dsconfig
    • delegated-admin-template-ds-or-proxy.dsconfig
    • delegated-admin-template-webapp.dsconfig
  6. Open delegated-admin.dsconfig in a text editor and replace the variables, ${variable}, with actual values.
  7. Save your changes to delegated-admin.dsconfig.