The Server SDK provides support for creating a number of different types of extensions for Ping Identity Server Products, including the PingDirectory Server, PingDirectoryProxy Server, and PingDataSync Server. Some of those extensions include:

Cross-Product Extensions
  • Access Loggers
  • Alert Handlers
  • Error Loggers
  • Key Manager Providers
  • Monitor Providers
  • Trust Manager Providers
  • OAuth Token Handlers
  • Manage Extension Plugins
PingDirectory Server Extensions
  • Certificate Mappers
  • Change Subscription Handlers
  • Extended Operation Handlers
  • Identity Mappers
  • Password Generators
  • Password Storage Schemes
  • Password Validators
  • Plugins
  • Tasks
  • Virtual Attribute Providers
PingDirectoryProxy Server Extensions
  • LDAP Health Checks
  • Placement Algorithms
  • Proxy Transformations
PingDataSync Server Extensions
  • JDBC Sync Sources
  • JDBC Sync Destinations
  • LDAP Sync Source Plugins
  • LDAP Sync Destination Plugins
  • Sync SourcesSync Destinations
  • Sync Pipe Plugins

For more information on the Server SDK, see the documentation available in the SDK build.