Because you must run the export-ldif tool in non-task-based mode, it works outside of the server Java virtual machine (JVM) process. Do not run export-ldif with connection or task arguments.

The export-ldif tool exports a point-in-time snapshot of the backend that is guaranteed to provide a consistent state of the database in LDIF. If necessary, you can re-import with import-ldif.

The data exported by export-ldif can include all or some of the entries (a subset of the entries, or a subset of the attributes within entries, or both) contained in the backend. You accomplish this by specifying branches, filters, and attributes to include or exclude. You can compress, encrypt, or digitally sign the exported LDIF.


You can configure LDIF exports as recurring tasks with dsconfig create-recurring-task. You can schedule them to run by adding them to a recurring task chain.