Retention and rotation policies must be configured for the log publisher. Perform the following steps to create a log publisher.


Compression cannot be disabled or turned off once configured for the logger. Determine logging requirements, prior to creating and configuring them.

  1. Run the following command to create a log publisher with the dsconfig command that logs disconnect operations.
    $ bin/dsconfig create-log-publisher \
      --type file-based-access --publisher-name "Disconnect Logger" \
      --set enabled:true \
      --set "rotation-policy:24 Hours Time Limit Rotation Policy" \
      --set "rotation-policy:Size Limit Rotation Policy" \
      --set "retention-policy:File Count Retention Policy" \
      --set log-connects:false \
      --set log-requests:false --set log-results:false \
      --set log-file:logs/disconnect.log
    1. To configure compression on the logger, add this option to the previous command:
      --set compression-mechanism: gzip
  2. To view log publishers, run the command:
    $ bin/dsconfig list-log-publishers