The PingDataMetrics Server consists of the following components:

PingDataMetrics Server
A standalone server that relies on the PostgreSQL database for collected metrics. The PingDataMetrics Server gathers data for itself and configured PingData servers.
Metrics API
A REST API that provides access to collected metrics data. The API is accessible over HTTPS and supports multiple management parameters including filtering, averaging, and setting ranges for multiple data sets.
query-metric tool
The primary command-line tool for metric data access. This tool can also be used for scripted automation of extracting data from the PingDataMetrics Server. An explore option enables custom queries and additions to charts and dashboards.
SNMP access
Access system-level metrics over SNMP.
Data Set
A proprietary data structure that is designed for interoperability with charting libraries such as Highcharts, or Fusioncharts.
Charts, Chat Builder, and Dashboard templates
Tools for customizable, web-based metrics charts and dashboards.