Stats Collector configuration determines the sample and collection intervals, granularity of data (basic, extended, verbose), types of host system collection (cpu, disk, network) and the type of data aggregation that occurs for LDAP application statistics. The Stats Collector plugin is configured with the dsconfig tool and collects data using LDAP queries. For example, the --server-info:extended option includes collection for the following:

  • CPU
  • Java virtual machine (JVM) memory
  • Memory
  • Disk information
  • Network information

The following are all options for the Stats Collector plugin:

>>>> Configure the properties of the Stats Collector Plugin
Property             Value(s)
1) description           -
2) enabled             false
3) local-db-backend-info        basic
4) replication-info        basic
5) entry-cache-info        basic
6) host-info        cpu, disk, network
7) included-ldap-application        If per-application LDAP stats is enabled,
			                                     then stats will be included for all applications.
8) sample-interval        1 s
9) collection-interval        500 ms
10) ldap-info        extended
11) server-info        basic
12) per-application-ldap-stats        aggregate-only