PingDataSync supports standard and notification synchronization modes. Notification Mode polls the directory server’s LDAP change log for changes on any entry but skips the fetch and compare phases of processing of Standard Mode. Instead, the Sync Destination is notified of the change regardless of the current state of that entry at the source or destination. PingDataSync accesses state information on the change log to reconstruct the before-and-after values of any modified attribute (for example, for MODIFY change operation types). It passes in the change information to a custom server extension based on the Server SDK.

Third-party libraries can be employed to customize the notification message to an output format required by the client application or service. For example, the server extension can use a third-party XML parsing library to convert the change notifications to a SOAP XML format.

Notification mode can only be used with an PingDirectory Server, Nokia 8661 Directory Server, PingDirectoryProxy Server, or Nokia 8661 Directory Proxy Server as the source endpoint.

Notification mode synchronization change flow

PingDataSync can use notification mode with any type of endpoint; therefore, it is not an absolute requirement to have a custom server extension in your system. For example, it is possible to set up a notification Sync Pipe between two LDAP server endpoints.