The following steps assume that when you ran the setup command, you answered n to the question Will the web app be hosted in PingDirectory?

To install Delegated Admin on an external web server:

  1. Open config.js in a text editor.
  2. Change the variable values to specify the location of PingDirectory Server.
    config.js Variable Value


    Host name of PingDirectory Server


    HTTPS port of PingDirectory Server

    To view an example outline that features these settings, see example.config.js.

  3. Save your changes to config.js.
  4. Create a CORS policy for the Delegated Admin HTTP servlet extension, where <origin> represents the public name of the host, proxy, or load balancer that presents the Delegated Admin web application.
    dsconfig create-http-servlet-cross-origin-policy 
      --policy-name "Delegated Admin Cross-Origin Policy" 
      --set "cors-allowed-methods: GET" 
      --set "cors-allowed-methods: OPTIONS" 
      --set "cors-allowed-methods: POST" 
      --set "cors-allowed-methods: DELETE" 
      --set "cors-allowed-methods: PATCH" 
      --set "cors-allowed-origins: <origin>"
    dsconfig set-http-servlet-extension-prop 
      --extension-name "Delegated Admin" 
      --set "cross-origin-policy:Delegated Admin Cross-Origin Policy"
  5. Optional: If you will be enabling admins to run Delegated Admin reports in your configuration, run dsconfig with the set-http-servlet-cross-origin-policy-prop option.
    dsconfig set-http-servlet-cross-origin-policy-prop \ 
      --policy-name "Delegated Admin Cross-Origin Policy" \ 
      --set cors-exposed-headers:Content-Disposition