Use ldapsearch to view alarms.
  • To display the listing for the CPU usage alarm, run the following command.
    $ bin/ldapsearch --port 1389 --bindDN "cn=Directory Manager" \
      --bindPassword secret --baseDN cn=alarms "(objectclass=ds-admin-alarm)"
    dn: ds-alarm-id=CPU Usage (Percent)-Host System,cn=alarms
    dn: ds-alarm-id=CPU Usage (Percent)-Host System,cn=alarms
    objectClass: top
    objectClass: ds-admin-alarm
    ds-alarm-id: CPU Usage (Percent)-Host System
    ds-alarm-condition: CPU Usage (Percent)
    ds-alarm-specific-resource: Host System
    ds-alarm-severity: CRITICAL
    ds-alarm-previous-severity: CRITICAL
    ds-alarm-details: Gauge CPU Usage (Percent) for Host System
           has value 99, having had a value of 83.13 in the
           previous interval. The severity is critical, having
           assumed this severity Thu Sep 25 10:24:20 CDT 2014
           when the value crossed threshold 80
    ds-alarm-additional-text: If CPU use is high, check the server's current workload
           and other processes on this system and make any needed adjustments. Reducing
           the load on the system will lead to better response times
    ds-alarm-start-time: 20140925152420.004Z
    ds-alarm-critical-last-time: 20140925152420.004Z
    ds-alarm-critical-total-duration-millis: 0