1. Define one of the servers in the east location by entering the host name and port of the server.

    For this example, enter ds-east-01.example.com:389.

    >>>> External Servers
    External Servers identify directory server instances including 
    host, port, and authentication information.    
    Enter the host and port (host:port) of the first directory server 
    in 'east'     
        b)  back
        q)  quit
    Enter a host:port or choose a menu item [localhost:389]: ds-east-01.example.com:389     
  2. Enter the option to prepare the server and all subsequent servers.

    Preparing the servers involves testing the connections to these servers and sets up the cn=Proxy User account on the Directory Proxy Server.

  3. Enter the DN of the account with which to manage the cn=Proxy User,cn=Root DNs,cn=config account.

    For this example, use the default, cn=Directory Manager.

  4. Repeat the previous steps to prepare the other server in the east location, ds-east-02.example.com.
  5. Press Enter to complete preparing the servers.