Companies can centrally manage the language used when prompting a user to give consent to ensure a consistent user experience across multiple applications, such as mobile and web.

The Consent Service requires one or more consent definitions to be defined in the PingDirectory Server configuration. Each consent definition represents the combination of:

  • The data to be collected or shared
  • The purpose for collecting or sharing the data

For example, a consent definition could represent users' email addresses that are used to deliver a third party's email newsletter. A consent definition could also represent access to a user's network-connected IoT device that could be used for a home automation task controlled by a third party.

Each consent definition must have one or more localizations. A localization is a versioned object consisting of the data that a Consent API client needs to prompt a user for consent. When a consent record is accepted or denied by a Consent Service client, it must include a reference to a consent definition, locale, and version.