Understanding the basic concepts of SCIM can help you use the SCIM extension to meet your deployment needs. SCIM allows you to:

  • Provision identities. Through the API, you have access to the basic create, read, update, and delete functions, as well as other special functions.
  • Provision groups. SCIM also allows you to manage groups.
  • Interoperate using a common schema. SCIM provides a well-defined, platform-neutral user and group schema, as well as a simple mechanism to extend it.

The SCIM extension implements the 1.1 version of the SCIM specification. Familiarize yourself with this specification to help you understand and make efficient use of the SCIM extension and the SCIM SDK. The SCIM specifications are located on the Simplecloud website.

Note: SCIM 1.1 will be deprecated in a future release.