To set up a standalone console, you need the admin-console.war file from the PingDirectory Server's resource/ archive.

You can use the .war file with Java application servers, such as Tomcat or Jetty. The following example uses Tomcat as the server environment.


Because Tomcat server version 10 has a defect with Spring Boot applications, use Tomcat 9 instead.

  1. Download the Tomcat 9 .zip file from the Apache Tomcat downloads page.
  2. Extract the .zip archive files.
  3. To set up the Tomcat server, follow the instructions in the RUNNING.txt file from the extracted directory.
  4. Copy the admin-console.war file into the webapps folder in the Tomcat root directory.
  5. To start the Tomcat server, run the or startup.bat file from the bin folder of the Tomcat root directory.

    Tomcat automatically extracts the console from the compressed .war file into an exploded application directory and starts running the console.

  6. To access the console, use the admin-console path from the Tomcat server path.

    By default, the path to access the console is localhost:8080/admin-console.