the Server supports all required features of the SCIM 1.1 protocol and most optional features. The following table describes SCIM features and whether they are supported.

SCIM Protocol Support
SCIM Feature Supported
Etags Yes
XML* Yes
Authentication/Authorization Yes, via HTTP basic authentication or OAuth 2.0 bearer tokens
Service Provider Configuration Yes
Schema Yes
User resources Yes
Group resources Yes
User-defined resources Yes
Resource retrieval via GET Yes
List/query resources Yes
Query filtering* Yes
Query result sorting* Yes
Query result pagination* Yes (Directory Server, not Directory Proxy Server)
Resource updates via PUT Yes
Partial resource updates via PATCH* Yes
Resource deletes via DELETE Yes
Resource versioning* Yes (requires configuration for updated servers)
Bulk* Yes
HTTP method overloading Yes
Raw LDAP Endpoints** Yes

* denotes an optional feature of the SCIM protocol.

** denotes a the Server extension to the basic SCIM functionality.