If you plan to upgrade servers using a mixed-version environment where one version is earlier than 7.0 and some of the servers are still using the admin backend while others have been updated to the topology registry, do not attempt to make size changes to the topology. You cannot remove any existing servers (using dsreplication disable) or add new servers (using dsreplication enable) when in this transitional state of partially-updated servers. When a topology has been completely migrated to a 7.0 or later version with the topology registry, changes to the topology size are allowed, even in mixed-version environments (for example, mixed 7.3 and 8.3).

Cleaning replication history

When cleaning replication history from a Directory Server, you must now use the new remove-defunct-server argument --performLocalCleanup. If you have existing automation around disaster recovery, the previous method of running remove-defunct-server without bind credentials no longer performs this replication cleanup step. For PingDirectory versions and later, update any existing automation to use the --performLocalCleanup flag.

Spring compatibility


Spring configuration properties in PingDirectory suite of products admin console configuration files before PingDirectory suite of products are not compatible with the most recent admin console bundled with and later versions of PingDirectory suite of products because of major updates to Spring dependencies. Attempting to use these older configuration files results in the console failing to start.

If you are using older PingDirectory suite of products admin console configuration files, update them by replacing the following excerpt in the old application.yml file:

spring: default false
  thymeleaf.cache: true
  thymeleaf.prefix: classpath:/public/app/


spring: default
    # 1 year. Update the corresponding value in MvcConfig if this changes.
    cache.period: 31536000
    add-mappings: false # use our custom mappings instead of the defaults
    banner-mode: "OFF"
    prefix: classpath:/public/app/