To create and configure a proxy transformation:
  1. Run the dsconfig tool.
    $ bin/dsconfig
  2. When prompted, enter the connection parameters to the server.

    Connection parameters can include:

    • Host name
    • Connection method
    • Port
    • Bind distinguished name (DN)
    • Bind DN password
  3. In the Directory Proxy Server main menu, enter the selection for Proxy transformations.
  4. In the Proxy Transformation menu, enter the selection for Create a new proxy transformation.
  5. Select the type of proxy transformation you want to create. Enter a name for the new transformation.

    This example creates an attribute mapping transformation.

     >>>> Enter a name for the Attribute Mapping Proxy Transformation that you
    want to create: userid-to-uid
  6. To choose if the proxy transformation is enabled by default or not, select true or false.
    Select a value for the 'enabled' property:
      1) true
      2) false
      ?) help
      c) cancel
      q) quit
    Enter choice [c]: 1
  7. Enter the name of the client attribute that you want to remap to a target attribute.

    This attribute must not be equal to the target attribute.

    Enter a value for the 'source-attribute' property: userid
  8. Enter the name of the target attribute to which the client attribute should be mapped.
    Enter a value for the 'target-attribute' property: uid
    The properties of your new proxy transformation are displayed.
  9. Optional: To make any modifications, enter the selection for the desired property.
  10. To finish the creation of the proxy transformation, enter f.
    Enter choice [b]: f

The transformation must be assigned to a request processor. For information on creating and configuring request processors, see Configuring request processors.