Spring compatibility

Spring configuration properties in PingData admin console configuration files prior to PingData are not compatible with the most recent admin console bundled with and later versions of PingData products, due to major updates to Spring dependencies. Attempting to use these older configuration files will result in the console failing to start.

If you are using older PingData admin console configuration files, these should be updated. Replace the following excerpt in the old application.yml file:
  profiles.active: default
  main.show-banner: false
  thymeleaf.cache: true
  thymeleaf.prefix: classpath:/public/app/
with the following:
  profiles.active: default
    # 1 year. Update the corresponding value in MvcConfig if this changes.
    cache.period: 31536000
    add-mappings: false # use our custom mappings instead of the defaults
    banner-mode: "OFF"
    prefix: classpath:/public/app/