Note: It is recommended that you use JSON attribute mappings rather than constructed attribute mappings (see Configuring JSON attribute mapping).

The PingOne User model contains simple JSON attributes like "title": "Director" as well as complex JSON objects like {"name": {"given": "Jane", "family": “Doe”}}. To ensure accurate processing when you construct attribute mappings that interact with complex objects, construct valid JSON strings and use the command jsonEscape, as the following example shows.

dsconfig create-attribute-mapping \
   --map-name PingDirectory_to_PingOne_User_Map  \
   --mapping-name name  \
   --type constructed  \
   --set 'value-pattern:{{"given":"{givenname:jsonEscape}","family":"

Some attributes in the User resource are operational and cannot be modified by synchronizing data. For more information, refer to the PingOne API Guide.