To configure PingFederate as a new client:

  1. Sign on to the PingFederate administrative console.
  2. Go to Applications > OAuth > Clients.
  3. Click Add Client.
  4. For both the Client ID and Name, specify pingfederate.
  5. Set Client Authentication to Client Secret.
  6. In the Client Secret section, select Change Secret and then type or generate a secret.

    This secret must be least 32 characters, and you'll use it later during the Delegated Admin setup.

  7. For Redirect URIS, add the following value.


  8. Make the following selections.
    • In the Allowed Grant Types section, select the following items:
      • Authorization Code
      • Implicit
      • Refresh Token
      • Client Credentials
      • Resource Owner Password Credentials
      • Access Token Validation (Client is a Resource Server)
    • Set Default Access Token Manager to the token manager that you created in step 3 of Configuring the OAuth server.
  9. Click Save.