When implementing assured replication, make note of the following.

Item Description

Client Controls

The client can include an assured replication request control with each operation. This control allows the client to specify bounds on assurance levels, override the timeout assigned by the matching replication assurance policy for the associated operation, or both. The server always honors these request controls.

For more information, see About the Assured Replication Controls.

Directory Proxy Server

Replication assurance policies are not supported on PingDirectoryProxy. Replication client controls are passed through to the underlying PingDirectory server backend.

Schema Backend Replication

The schema backend is not supported by assured replication. Replication assurance policies that include criteria to match this backend are rejected.

Backward Compatibility

Server versions that support assured replication are backwards-compatible with prior versions that do not support assured replication.

WAN-Friendly Replication

Assured replication functions independently from WAN-Friendly Replication and the notion of WAN Gateways.

Global Configuration Properties

PingDirectory server provides two configurable global configuration properties that determine the timing of the assurance source and maximum number of replication backup updates recognized as an available source.

Specifies the amount of time a replication assurance source is suspended from assurance requirements if it experiences an assurance timeout. While suspended, the source is excluded from assurance requirements for all operations originating on this PingDirectory server. This avoids the situation of repeated timeouts caused by degraded or offline servers. The default time is 10 seconds.
Specifies the maximum number of replication backlog updates a replication assurance source can have and be immediately recognized as an available source. If a source connects to this PingDirectory server with more than the configured threshold backlog updates, it is excluded from assurance requirements for all operations originating from the server until it completes at least one assurance successfully, indicated by the server receiving an update acknowledgment message from it within the timeout window. The default maximum number of updates is 1000.