If you change a certain backend configuration property, the admin action appears in two places during a dsconfig interactive session:

  • When configuring the property
  • Before you apply the change

For example, if you change the db-directory property on the userRoot backend, such as specifying the path to the file system path that holds the Oracle Berkeley DB Java Edition backend files, an admin action reminder displays during one of the steps.

The admin action alert also appears as a final confirmation step. The alert allows you to continue and apply the change or back out of the configuration if the resulting action cannot be conducted at the present time. For example, after you type the letter f to apply the db-directory property change, the admin alert message appears:

Enter choice [b]: One or more configuration property changes require administrative action or confirmation/notification. Those properties include: * db-directory: Modification requires that the PingDirectory server be stopped, the database directory manually relocated, and then the PingDirectory server restarted. While the PingDirectory server is stopped, the directory and files pertaining to this backend in the old database directory must be manually moved or copied to the new location. Continue? Choose 'no' to return to the previous step (yes / no) [yes]:

Currently, only a small set of properties that display an admin action alert appear in dsconfig interactive mode and the administrative console. For more information on the properties, see the PingDirectory Server Configuration Reference, located in the server’s docs/config-guide directory.