An example email template is provided in the Delegated Admin package at the top level in the file delegated-admin-account-created.template. This template provides a multi-part text and HTML email to the user with their user name and initial password along with a self-service link they can use to sign on to PingFederate and change their password and profile information.

  1. Edit the template:
    1. Uncomment the line that sets the value for profile_management_url.
    2. Change the value of profile_management_url to the externally accessible URL of the profile management endpoint of your PingFederate local identity profile.
  2. Copy the template file to the config/account-status-notification-email-templates folder of each instance of the PingDirectory server.

    By default, the email is sent to the address within the user's LDAP mail attribute.


    You must provide a mail value for each user. For more information, see common-header-fields.vm in the email templates folder.

For more information about the email format and further customization, see the README file in the templates folder.