Numeric IP address-to-host name lookups

The following are some of the numeric IP address-to-host name lookups:

  • Binding to the Directory: Decoding, examining, or evaluating a DNS bind rule
  • Logging: Logging information to certain monitors or writing to the error log
  • Java Management Extension (JMX): Creating a server socket
  • Key Management: Generating a trust store
  • Replication Server: Creating an SSL socket
  • Replication Session Management: Obtaining a session or performing a handshake with a replication server
  • Simple Authentication and Security Layer (SASL) Authentication: Applying configuration changes
  • SMTP Alert Handler: Initializing or sending an alert notification

Configuring address masks

Address masks configured in Access control instructions (ACIs), connection handlers, connection criteria, and certificate handshake processing might trigger implicit reverse name lookups.

For more information about how address masks are configured in the server, see the following information for each server: