Additional documentation and other files can be added to the misc-files directory, which the manage-profile tool does not use. Use the variable PING_PROFILE_ROOT to refer to files in this directory from other locations, such as setup-arguments.txt.


Use PING_PROFILE_ROOT only with files that are not needed after initial setup, such as password files in setup-arguments.txt. Do not use the PING_PROFILE_ROOT variable for files needed while the server is running. The manage-profile tool creates a temporary copy of the server profile that is deleted after the tool completes, so files are not accessible under PING_PROFILE_ROOT when the server is running. For files you need while the server is running, such as keystore and truststore files, copy the files into the server root using the profile's server-root/pre-setup directory, and then refer to the files using with the PING_SERVER_ROOT variable.

For example, a password file named password.txt in the misc-files directory could be referenced with ${PING_PROFILE_ROOT}/misc-files/password.txt in setup-arguments.txt. Use a reference like this example to supply the file for the --rootUserPasswordFile argument in setup-arguments.txt.