PingDirectory suite of products (September 2023) - PingDirectory - 9.2

PingDirectory 9.2

PingDirectory 9.2
PingDirectory 9.2

Added a new configuration property to the Config File Handler backend

PingDirectory, PingDirectoryProxy, PingDataMetrics, PingDataSync
NewDS-45254, DS-47110, DS-47401

Added the configuration property insignificant-config-archive-base-dn to the Config File Handler backend. This property can be used to control the rate at which the configuration archive grows by removing files that record only changes under the specified base DN(s).

If an existing configuration entry is updated, but all of the changes are restricted to one or more of these base DNs, then the updated configuration will be added to the configuration archive, but that archived configuration file may be removed after the next configuration change.

By default, this property will apply to the topology registry subtree.

Enhanced the dsreplication enable command

The dsreplication enable command can now add a new server to an existing topology with the same major and minor release version but a newer maintenance level.

Fixed an issue causing a null pointer exception

Fixed an issue where a null pointer exception would be thrown when adding a sync server to a topology of two or more existing sync servers using manage-topology add-server.

Fixed an issue allowing search operations to last beyond the time limit

Fixed an issue that could allow the server to continue processing a search operation for longer than the allowed time limit. Previously, the server would not check the time limit in the course of index processing to identify potential matching entries, and in certain cases where the server had to iterate across a very large number of index keys (for example, when evaluating a range or substring filter component that could match a very large number of entries), the allowed time limit could be exceeded in that portion of the processing.

Fixed an issue with the remove-defunct-server command

Fixed an issue with running remove-defunct-server against servers configured with anAES256 password storage scheme where encryption settings were not initialized before initializing password policy components.