The following figure illustrates how an update message is routed from a non-gateway server to a remote location.

A workflow diagram showing the WAN gateway message routing between 3 servers/data stores: Identity Data Store 1/ReplicationServer 1/NORTH location, Identity Data Store 2/Replication Server 2/NORTH location, and Identity Data Store 3/Replication Server 3/SOUTH location. The internal routing and replication workflow between the 3 Data Stores are described in 4 steps.

Processing steps

  1. Update received at Identity Data Store 1 at the north location is sent to the embedded Replication Server.
  2. Replication Server 1 routes message to the WAN Gateway only.
  3. The WAN Gateway at the North location (Identity Data Store 2) routes message to Replica 2 and to the WAN Gateway at the south location.
  4. Replication Server 3, which is the WAN Gateway at the south location, routes the message to Replica 3.