Important information about Ping license keys:

  • A license is always required for setting up a new single server instance and can be used site-wide for all servers in an environment. When cloning a server instance with a valid license, no new license is needed.
  • A new license must be obtained when updating a server to a new major version, for example from 6.2 to 7.0. Licenses with no expiration date are valid until the server is upgraded to the next major version. A prompt for a new license is displayed during the update process.
  • A license might expire on particular date. If a license does expire, obtain a new license and install it using dsconfig or the Administrative Console. The server provides a notification as the expiration date approaches. License details are available using the server's status tool.

When installing the server, specify the license key file in one of the following ways:

  • Copy the license key file to the server root directory before running setup. The interactive setup tool discovers the file and not require input. If the file is not in the server root, the setup tool prompts for its location.
  • If the license key is not in the server root directory, specify both the --licenseKeyFile option for non-interactive setup and the path to the file.