If you don't want to configure priming during setup, you can configure the index priming manually.

To do this, create an external server, create a global attribute index, and change the entry-balancing request processor to load indexes from the external server.

  1. To create an external server of the PingDirectoryProxy type to represent a peer of the PingDirectoryProxy server, use the dsconfig tool with the create-external-server subcommand.
    $ bin/dsconfig create-external-server \ 
      --server-name intra-proxy-host.example.com:3389 \ 
      --type PingDirectoryProxy-server \ 
      --set server-host-name:intra-proxy-host \ 
      --set server-port:338 \ 
      --set "bind-dn:cn=Directory Manager" \ 
      --set "password:secret123"   
  2. Create a global attribute index on the uid attribute.
    $ bin/dsconfig create-global-attribute-index \ 
      --processor-name dc_example+dc+com-eb-req-processor \
      --index-name uid \
  3. To load the indexes at startup from the peer PingDirectoryProxy server, change the entry-balancing request processor using dsconfig set-request-processor-prop.