If you forget your cn=Proxy User password, you can recover it using different methods.
  • To recover your password, do any of the following:
    • Temporarily add a second password to the Proxy User entry so that you can transition all of the instances to the new password.

      For the shortest time possible, add multiple passwords on the cn=Proxy User entry.

    • If you do not know the clear-text value, then use the encrypted value when configuring the new PingDirectory server. The encryption scheme allows reversible passwords that are stored in the server configuration so that they can be decrypted by any server instance.
    • Create a new root user in the directory server instances with the appropriate set of privileges and have the new PingDirectoryProxy server instance use that account to authenticate. To use the new account, update all of the other PingDirectoryProxy instances.
    • Use a protocol analyzer, such as snoop or Wireshark, to capture the password from the network communication.