Multiple local DB backends

When you set up the PingDirectory server instances, you need two backends:

  • A global backend for globally replicated data, such as userRoot
  • A backend for the balancing point base distinguished name (DN), such as dataSet

Both backends must be enabled for replication and initialized separately.

Replication set name

Every PingDirectory server in your replicated topology must have a replication set name. This replication set name coordinates the PingDirectoryProxy server and the PingDirectory server.

The restricted domain is only replicated within instances using the same replication set name.

Multiple PingDirectoryProxy server subtree views

The entry-balanced proxy configuration relies on multiple subtree views, one for the globally replicated base DN and one for the entry-balancing point base DN. The globally replicated base DN has a proxying request processor associated with it. The restricted base DN has an entry-balancing request processor associated with it.


Configure the subtree views after running your setup using the create-initial-proxy-config tool.

Homogeneous domains

All servers in a replication topology must have the same domains.


Because the PingDirectory server replication topology assumes that all domains are on all servers, it is not suitable for environments with an inconsistent presence of domains across the server topology.