Before you create a PingOne sync source, make certain you have the following information ready:

  • Environment ID (environment-id)
  • OAuth client ID (oauth-client-id)
  • OAuth client secret (oauth-client-secret)

For information about obtaining these values, see "Create a worker application" in Worker application.

The following sample creates a PingOne sync source.

dsconfig create-sync-source \
  --source-name PingOne \
  --type ping-one-customer \
  --set api-url: \
  --set auth-url:[PING_ONE_ENV_ID]/as/token \
  --set environment-id:[PING_ONE_ENV_ID] \
  --set oauth-client-id:[PING_ONE_OAUTH_CLIENT_ID] \
  --set oauth-client-secret:[PING_ONE_OAUTH_CLIENT_SECRET]