A resource element has the following XML attributes:

  • schema: a required attribute specifying the SCIM schema URN for the resource. Standard SCIM resources already have URNs assigned for them, such as urn:scim:schemas:core:1.0. A new URN must be obtained for custom resources using any of the standard URN assignment methods.
  • name: a required attribute specifying the name of the resource used to access it through the SCIM REST API.
  • mapping: a custom Java class that provides the logic for the resource mapper. This class must extend the com.unboundid.scim.ldap.ResourceMapper class.

A resource element contains the following XML elements in sequence:

  • description: a required element describing the resource.
  • endpoint: a required element specifying the endpoint to access the resource using the SCIM REST API.
  • LDAPSearchRef: a mandatory element that points to an LDAPSearch element. The LDAPSearch element allows a SCIM query for the resource to be handled by an LDAP service and also specifies how the SCIM resource ID is mapped to the LDAP server.
  • LDAPAdd: an optional element specifying information to allow a new SCIM resource to be added through an LDAP service. If the element is not provided then new resources cannot be created through the SCIM service.
  • attribute: one or more elements specifying the SCIM attributes for the resource.