PingDirectory suite of products (January 2023) - PingDirectory - 9.3

PingDirectory 9.3

PingDirectory 9.3
PingDirectory 9.3 (Latest)

Fixed an issue preventing the server from refreshing monitor data

Fixed DS-41468
Fixed an issue that prevented the server from refreshing the monitor data used to detect and warn about an upcoming certificate expiration. This could cause the server to continue to warn about an expiring certificate even after that certificate had been replaced.

Fixed an issue with the dsreplication tool

Fixed DS-45044
Fixed an issue with the dsreplication tool where baseDNs and restricted baseDNs were improperly handled as case sensitive.

Fixed an issue with the encode-password tool

Fixed DS-45546
Fixed an issue that caused the encode-password tool to fail when the AES256 password storage scheme is enabled.

Fixed an issue with resource limits

Fixed DS-45638
Fixed an issue where resource limits for the topology admin user created during replication enable were not set.

Fixed an issue causing configurations not to load correctly

Fixed DS-45798
In the PingDirectoryProxy server, "manage-profile replace-profile" sometimes failed with an error similar to the following: The tool was unable to merge configuration from the existing server into the new server: LDAPException(resultCode=80 (other) ... This fix ensures that the configuration is loaded before the merge that the error message refers to.

Fixed an issue causing replication enablement to fail

Fixed DS-45960
Fixed an issue that caused replication enablement to fail if there is at least one topology-wide administrator with no password.

Fixed an issue with changes to Password Policy State attributes

Fixed DS-46121
Fixed an issue where changes to certain Password Policy State attributes would not be applied to the correct entry when using a Ping Identity Sync Destination under very specific circumstances.

Fixed an issue preventing users from changing their passwords

PingDirectory, PingDirectoryProxy
Fixed DS-46392
Fixed an issue in which the server could prevent users from changing their own passwords with the password modify extended operation if their account was in a "must change password" state and the request passed through the PingDirectoryProxy server.

The maximum-attributes-per-add-request and maximum-modifications-per-modify-request properties are now exposed in the global configuration

Improved DS-46129
Updated the PingDirectoryProxy server to expose the maximum-attributes-per-add-request and maximum-modifications-per-modify-request properties in the global configuration. These properties were previously only visible in the PingDirectory server configuration, but they also apply to requests that pass through the PingDirectoryProxy server.

The replication server now continues to handle incoming replication connections

Improved DS-46332
The replication server now continues to handle incoming replication connections even when there is an unexpected exception.