PingFederate installation and upgrade tools use its memoryoptions utility to detect the available resources at the time of the installation or upgrade and record the recommended options for Java heap and the garbage collector in a configuration file. As needed, administrators may re-run the utility or manually edit the configuration file.

The memoryoptions utility, located in the <pf_install>/pingfederate/bin directory, comes in two variants:

  • memoryoptions.bat for Windows
  • for Linux

The configuration file, jvm-memory.options, is located in the same bin directory.

Installation and upgrade

When executed by the PingFederate installer for Windows or a subsequent rerun of the utility, the memoryoptions utility creates a backup copy of the current jvm-memory.options file (if any), detects available system resources at the time, and records the recommended options in the jvm-memory.options file. Changes made as a result of the execution of the utility or a manual edit are activated after a restart of PingFederate.

When executed by the upgrade tools, depending the selected tool and whether the jvm-memory.options exists in the source installation, the expected behavior differs. Generally speaking, the jvm-memory.options file from the source installation is preserved without new recommended values.