The Connection Management Service supports basic connection management capabilities and is accessible only on a PingFederate server running the administrative console.

This feature is useful in a variety of circumstances, but the following primary use cases were considered:
  • As a utility to migrate changes to a partner connection through staging environments (for example: development, test, production).

    Changes to URLs and keys may be needed to make the connection appropriate to the next environment.

  • As a way for an external application to update or delete connections programmatically, or create new ones using an exported connection XML file as a template.
The WAR file for this service, pf-mgmt-ws.war, is located in the <pf_install>/pingfederate/server/default/deploy2 directory.

If you do not want to allow use of the service, it should not be deployed: remove the WAR file from the deploy2 directory.

The SOAP-accessible service endpoint is: pf-mgmt-ws/ws/ConnectionMigrationMgr

The web services Description Language (WSDL) document describing this service can be retrieved from: /pf-mgmt-ws/ws/ConnectionMigrationMgr?wsdl