After defining a local identity profile, associate it with an instance of the HTML Form Adapter so that PingFederate can leverage the HTML Form Adapter to present users the options to authenticate via third-party identity providers, self-register as part of the sign-on experience, and manage their accounts through a self-service profile management page.

For registration and profile management, ensure the HTML Form Adapter instance is configured to validate credentials stored in PingDirectory . This validation configuration however is not required if your use case does not involve registration or profile management (see Enabling third-party identity providers without registration).

  1. Go to the Identity Provider > Adapters screen.
  2. Create a new HTML Form Adapter instance or reuse an existing instance by clicking on its name.
  3. On the IdP Adapter screen, add the LDAP Username Password Credential Validator instance that has been set up to validate credentials stored on your PingDirectory.

    Skip this step if your use case does not involve registration or profile management.

  4. On the IdP Adapter screen, select a local identity profile from the Local Identity Profile list.
  5. Complete the rest of the configuration and save all changes.