Depending on the selected adapter, the IdP Adapter screen presents you with different configuration parameters.

  • Follow the on-screen instructions to configure the adapter instance.

    If this is a child instance, select the override check box to modify the configuration.

    If you are configuring one of the bundled adapters, refer to Bundled adapters or PingID® for PingFederate SSO for configuration information.

    If you are configuring an adapter from an integration kit (including any SaaS connector), locate the user guide from our PingFederate documentation website and configure the adapter instance accordingly.

  • Click Show Advanced Fields to enter an authentication context URI.
    Applicable only if the adapter supports the notion of authentication context.

    Standard URIs are defined in the SAML specifications (see the OASIS documents oasis-sstc-saml-core-1.1.pdf and saml-authn-context-2.0-os.pdf).