Datastores represent external systems where user attributes and other data are stored. Once defined, you can configure PingFederate to retrieve user attributes from datastores for contract fulfillment and token authorization in various use cases. You can also configure PingFederate to write certain records or log messages to datastores.

You manage datastores on the System > Data Stores screen.

  • To create a new datastore, click Add New Data Store and then follow the configuration wizard to complete the task.
  • To modify an existing datastore, select the datastore and then follow the configuration wizard to complete the task.
  • To review usage of an existing datastore, click Check Usage under Action.
  • To remove an existing datastore or cancel the removal request, click Delete or Undelete under Action.

    Only datastores that are not currently in-use can be removed.

    As you configure various components on the administrative console, PingFederate performs connectivity tests against the applicable datastores. By default, PingFederate stores successful test results for five minutes. This design improves the performance of the administrative console by reducing the number of calls it makes to the target servers and the amount of time it takes to move from one configuration screen to another.

  • To fine-tune caching interval for datastore validation, update the Data-Store Validation Interval field value to the desired amount of time (in seconds).
    The default value is 300 in seconds (five minutes).

    A value of 0 turns off the caching and validation tests are executed with each access.


    This setting applies to all datastores.

  • To keep your changes, click Save.
  • To discard your changes, click Cancel.