On the Identity Creation screen, configure the settings for creating local identities. Enter a relative DN (RDN) pattern using the available fields and attributes, and then select an object class from the list.

When a user submits a registration request, PingFederate formulates the DN of the user by prefixing the RDN to the base DN defined on the LDAP configuration screen, and then asks PingDirectory to create a new account based on the selected object class.

  1. Optional: Click View List of Available LDAP Attributes to determine which LDAP attributes can be used to construct the RDN pattern.
  2. Enter a valid RDN pattern.

    The pattern is:

    attribute1=value1[, ..., attributeN=valueN]

    If you want to use the ${entryUUID} variable to guarantee the uniqueness of the relative DNs for all users, you must use it with the entryUUID LDAP attribute; for example:


  3. Select an object class from the list.