The SAML standards define a metadata exchange schema for conveying XML-formatted information between two SAML entities. Metadata includes endpoint URLs, binding types, attributes, and security-policy information, which helps federation partners expedite their configurations.

On the System > Metadata Export page, you can export metadata to an XML file by selecting any SAML Browser SSO connection, which is also available as a per-connection action item on the Connections page, or by specifying the desired information manually. Specifying the information manually is useful for scenarios where you have not yet created a SAML connection, or you want to generate one SAML metadata XML file for multiple partners.

To export a SAML metadata file, you select the role your PingFederate server plays, configure the export options and metadata signing policy, and then save the SAML metadata to an XML file.

For more information on exporting metadata for any SAML Browser SSO connection to an XML file, see Exporting connection-specific SAML metadata.

For more information on manually selecting specific information and exporting a metadata XML file, see Exporting selected SAML metadata.