1. Go to the System > Extended Properties screen.
  2. Add any number of extended properties.
    1. Enter the applicable property name under Name.

      Once added and saved, the name cannot be modified subsequently. You can however delete the extended property completely.

    2. Optional: Enter a description for this extended property under Description.
    3. If this extended property should allow multiple values, select the check box under Multivalued.

      If you have initially added a single-valued extended property, you can make it a multivalued extended property by selecting the Multivalued check box later.

      If you have initially added a multivalued extended property but you clear the Multivalued check box later, when you try to make changes to a connection or an OAuth client that has been configured with multiple values for this extended property, the administrative console prompts you to reconfigure the connection or the client until only one value exists for this extended property.

    4. Click Add.
    5. Optional: Repeat these steps to define additional extended properties.

      Use the Edit, Update, and Cancel workflow to make or undo a change to an existing entry. Use the Delete and Undelete workflow to remove an existing entry or cancel the removal request.