PingFederate provides metadata for SAML and WS-Federation connections and supports automatic update for SAML connections by reloading metadata URLs provided by the partners.

Metadata publication
PingFederate includes expiration information in metadata. It serves as an indicator to partners whether they have reasonably up-to-date information about your server.
Metadata consumption
PingFederate supports automatic reloading of metadata by URL for SAML connections.
  1. Go to the System > Metadata Settings > Metadata Lifetime screen.
  2. To adjust the validity of your metadata, modify the Cache Duration field value, in minutes.
    The default value is 1440 (1 day).
  3. To adjust the frequency of automatic reloading of SAML metadata, modify the Reload Delay field value, in minutes.
    The default value is also 1440 (1 day).
  4. Click Next and continue with the rest of the configuration.

    When editing an existing configuration, you may also click Save as soon as the administrative console offers the opportunity to do so.