Use the OAuth Server > Resource Owner Credentials Mapping configuration to map values obtained from the Password Credential Validator instance into the persistent grants. The USER_KEY attribute is the identifier of the persistent grants. If extended attributes are defined on the OAuth Server > Authorization Server Settings screen, configure a mapping for each as well. You can optionally set up datastore queries to supplement values returned from the source. This mapping is intended for the Resource Owner Password Credential grant type.

  • To create a mapping, select the source of the attributes from the list and click Add Mapping.
  • To modify an existing mapping, select it by its name under Mappings.
  • To remove an existing mapping or to cancel the removal request, click Delete or Undelete under Action.

    Before removing a mapping from your configuration, ensure that it is not used by your OAuth use cases. In addition, any corresponding entries defined in the OAuth Server > Access Token Mapping screen will also be removed.