When you finish setting up a channel, you may choose to activate it immediately; or you can return to the Activation & Summary screen and activate the channel when needed. Note that the SP connection must also be active for any provisioning channels to be enabled.

You can deactivate a channel at any time. When a channel is inactive, provisioning is suspended but SSO and SLO transactions may still occur (if an associated connection is active).

  • To toggle the status, select Active or Inactive, and then click Save.

    When a channel is activated, initial provisioning occurs as soon as the synchronization-frequency time period expires (see Configuring outbound provisioning settings). The default is 60 seconds. Initial provisioning can consume considerable processing time, depending on the amount of data that needs to be transmitted; administrators may wish to plan accordingly.

  • To modify channel settings, click the associated heading.

    Regardless of whether you choose to activate a new channel immediately or later, if you want to save the channel configuration, click Save on the Activation & Summary screen.