To connect PingFederate to Twilio as an SMS provider through which PingFederate can send text message notifications (for self-service password reset requests), enter the required information based on your Twilio account.

  1. Go to the Identity Provider > Adapters screen.
  2. Select any HTML Form Adapter instance, in which the selected password reset type is Text Message.
  3. Click Manage SMS Provider Settings.
  4. On the SMS Provider Settings screen, enter the required information.
    Field Description
    Account SID The account number assigned to your account by Twilio.
    Auth Token The password assigned to your account by Twilio. Used in conjunction with the account number to authenticate with Twilio (when PingFederate makes outbound API calls for the purpose of sending text message notifications to the intended recipients).
    From Number The sender number in the text message notifications.

    For additional information about each field or Twilio, see

Once saved, these SMS provider settings apply to all services using text message notifications.