On the SAML Profiles screen, select one or more SAML 2.0 profiles.


A SAML profile is the message-interchange scenario that you and your federation partner have agreed to use (in contrast to SAML binding, which is the transport protocol of SAML messages).

Note that the SAML Profiles screen is not shown for SAML 1.x connections because IdP SSO is assumed, SLO profiles are not supported, and the server supports the "destination-first" (SP-initiated) profile SSO automatically. This screen is also not presented for WS-Federation connections because profile selection is not required.

For SAML 2.0, PingFederate supports all IdP- and SP-initiated SSO and SLO profiles. (For information on typical SSO and SLO profile configurations, including illustrations, see SAML 2.0 profiles.)

  • Select the applicable profile (or profiles) based on your partner agreement.
    You must always select at least one SSO profile.