On the Token Processor Instance screen, choose an instance of a deployed token processor that suits your requirements for this connection.

  1. Select a token processor instance from the list.
    If you do not see the desired token processor instance, click Manage Token Processor Instances to create a new instance of any deployed token processor.
  2. Select the Override Instance Settings check box if you want to customize one or more token processor settings for this connection alone.

    When selected, the administrative console adds a new set of sub tasks (the Override Instance screen and its sub tasks).


    Alternatively, you can create child token processor instances of a base token processor instance (with overrides) so that such customized settings can be applied to several connections. For more information, see Hierarchical plugin configurations.

If you are editing a currently mapped token processor instance, you can toggle the Override Instance Settings setting. Clearing it removes all previously overridden settings for this connection. Selecting it provides you the opportunity to customize token processor settings specifically for this connection.