After you configure or reconfigure the console, you can also update cluster nodes by downloading a configuration archive from the System > Configuration Archive screen and then deploying it (either manually or via a scripted process) to the <pf_install>/pingfederate/server/default/data/drop-in-deployer directory on each cluster node or provisioning-failover server.

A configuration archive contains the same information sent during the configuration push from the administrative console described in the previous section. However, this option provides for scheduling and scripting cluster synchronization.

Runtime state-management services

If you have configured one of the following runtime state-management services on the engine nodes, you must migrate the configuration files (located in the <pf_install>/pingfederate/server/default/conf directory) to the engine nodes manually.

Configuration file and service implementation
Configuration file RPC-based service implementation
cluster-account-locking.conf Account Locking Service
cluster-artifact.conf Artifact-Message Persistence and Retrieval Service
cluster-assertion-replay-prevention.conf Assertion Replay Prevention Service
cluster-idp-session-registry.conf IdP Session Registry Service
cluster-inter-request-state.conf Inter-Request State-Management (IRSM) Service
cluster-session-revocation.conf Back-Channel Session Revocation Service
cluster-sp-session-registry.conf SP Session Registry Service